Silverbox Studios: arena-sized, acoustically treated blacked out sound stages for pre-production, rehearsals, streaming, film/tv & advertising

Carbon-neutral, energy efficient, fully-equipped stage space
for dry-hire or with full production services

Film, TV, Music & Pre Production
Studios in Newbury

Arena-sized, acoustically-treated, blacked-out,
carbon-neutral, fully-serviced production space


Serving the music, film, tv & commercial sectors, Silverbox Studios in Newbury, Berkshire specialises in large-format, complex production for music film and television. Our spaces are available for dry-hire, however we’re equally happy providing a full suite of equipment and services. We have ample private parking, 400A 3 phase supplies to every studio and full-height HGV access across flat polished concrete floors directly to our stages to make your load in/out really easy.

State of the art studio space

Silverbox has an array of film, TV, advertising and concert production facilities ranging from small online broadcast suites to stages big enough to rehearse a full-sized arena concert, or to build a 2 storey set and film it from above!

Our acoustically treated, blacked out stages are energy efficient and carbon neutral, so we can supply you with up to 400A 3 phase electric completely guilt-free, along with connection speeds of up to 1Gigabit over uncontended fibre.

Equipped with the latest in audio, lighting, video capture and display, our on-site tech warehouse has every resource you could wish to lay your hands on. Our wardrobe, hair & makeup, catering and dressing room facilities along with our completely private location and large car park, complement one of the most high-spec, well-equipped new studio complexes anywhere in the UK.

Our business is about service, standards and reputation.

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