Technical Info

To assist with incoming productions and prospective clients, this page provides a variety of technical specification resources.

Main studio specifications:

  • 23m x 23m (75.5ft x 75.5ft) – 530 sqm (5705 sq ft)
  • Max height 10.8m (35.5ft) at upper end of sloped roof (performance end)
  • Min height 8.9m (29ft) at lower end of sloped roof (control end)
  • Roof slope is 6 degrees
  • Our roof structure consists of 4 portal frame RSJs (2 at the sides and 2 overhead the main studios) each with a loading capacity of just under 20 tons. Spreader beams and trusses are mounted underneath these according to customer requirements to provide rigging points.
  • Total roof loading capacity is in excess of 30 tons (see rigging plot below)
  • Carbon-neutral power availability of 400A / 3 phase
  • The studio has standard feeds of 125A / 3 phase and 63A / 3 phase, additional connections can be provided on request
  • Overhead studio floods provide 80,000 lumens of working/rigging/set-building light
  • The studio is acoustically treated and blacked-out for sound stage use
  • Floor surface is polished concrete as standard, alternative coverings can be provided by prior arrangement.
  • Floor loading capacity exceeds 50 tons per square meter
  • 2 x HGV load-in/out motorised roller shutters, max height 4.6m (15ft), width approx. 13ft
  • Floor surface from HGV doors to studio is flat and level, polished concrete

Studio 1 Rigging and Measurements

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