Virtual, Streaming & Hybrid Production

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Silverbox provides studio space, personnel and equipment for recording and live-streaming of digital events. This can be achieved in our green-screen studios for virtual set designs, in our larger format studios with real-life sets or even a hybrid version of the two with real and virtual elements.


We have green-screen meeting/conference rooms, larger presentation suites and studios, right through to our arena-scale large format studio for full-sized real-world set-builds.

Our facilities include office and additional production areas that can be tailored to your needs for changing, hair & makeup or other production support. Alongside this, you will benefit from a 1 Gigabit dedicated, uncontended fibre lease line to ensure that your broadcast is fast and secure, plenty of power to all parts of our building and a private, free-of-charge parking area that can accommodate the largest of production support vehicles and client parking requirements.



We provide a range of experienced technicians to assist you in the initial design and specification of your project, right through to the engineering expertise required to deliver the result to your audience.

Virtual 3D set design and content production for green-screen studio broadcasts or for remote contributors and also on-location delivery.


Silverbox is able to supply sets and green screen, video capture and visual support, audio capture and mixing, studio and effects lighting as well as all required rigging and data infrastructure.

Everything needed for any form of event or broadcast whether the requirement is hybrid or entirely virtual is at your disposal.

Our on-site tech warehouse and support staff will be able to provide you with almost any requirement you might have.


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